Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fitness Bucket List

Poking around some of my favorite fit bloggin' reads, I found this link to Nellie's 2014 Fitness Bucket List, which inspired me to make my own list... except that mine includes physical activities that I'd like to be able to do sometime down the line, though not necessarily this year.

Here goes!

1. Pull-ups. Pulling the weight of my body with my two arms? Amazing.

2. Push-ups. Real ones.

3. Get my bike out of storage and get myself back in the saddle.

4. Speaking of saddles, I would love to try horseback riding!

5. Run again. 
    a. Run a 5K again
    b. Run a 10k
    c. Run a half-marathon
    d. Run a marathon

6. Swimming! This one's easy... I just need a bathing suit, to be honest.

7. Become a hardcore pilates practitioner. I used to love doing pilates. Some of the things my trainer has me do are definitely related, core-based strengthening. It's love/hate. ;)

8. Yoga. Oh, yoga. I can't wait to try you once and for all.

9. Waterski.

10. Kayak.

11. Walk around a place like New York City and not feel like I am going to die.

(new!) 12. Surfing. I need to learn how to surf before I die.

(new! 2015) 13. Snowshoeing. I've been wanting to do this since I started losing weight, but was too big for it last winter. Not anymore!

What are your activity goals/desires?


  1. I would love to try SUP, stand-up paddling. And a zip line in an awesome location!

  2. Katherine, that sounds great – I've heard about that and seen photos! I really like water activities, it's a wonder I don't pursue them more. I do plan to go to the beach with my dad when I visit him in New Hampshire in a couple weeks. :)

  3. I would love to do a pull-up but it seems like such an unrealistic goal since I was never able to do a pull-up (not even in elementary school when I weighed less than 100lbs).

    My top 3 fitness goals right now:
    1. Walk 15 miles a week
    2. Run a 5K (actually run the whole thing as a opposed to walk/run which I've done in the past)
    3. Learn how to/begin doing mountain hiking

    I set a goal for myself back in January that I was going to just be outside more. Not really a fitness goal, but I do find that I move more when I'm outside.

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  5. Kayaking is my new favorite thing!!! And I tried snowshoeing a couple of winters ago and really liked that too. Other than all my running goals (5k/10k and then I'm thinking more triathalon than marathon?) I want to get into more winter sports, downhill skiing, snowboarding??! and cross country... We will see what this winter brings!

    1. And how is that going, Lizz? I want to do all those things, but it's figuring out time and expenses... If only we had at least two lives to live to fit everything in! ;)

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