Friday, January 16, 2015

Eight months

Hello hello!

I've thought about writing a post just about every day since the last one. Ideas for things I want to write about pop in my head and then I never get around to getting them down.*sigh* The good news is, I haven't been silent because of any bad reason. If nothing else, it's because I'm out busy doing stuff!

Last I reported in, I had a bad cold. That has mostly gone, save for a tiny bit of congestion and phlegm that still comes up here and there. For that reason, I was still tentative about making any huge effort in my exercise sessions, but I'm easing back sticking with walking mostly, with some other stuff sprinkled in. The biggest news is, I finally attended my very first yoga class!

I went on Wednesday evening after mulling it about for a good portion of the day. As with any new venture, I was nervous to go, but it was at my gym so there wasn't much to do but wait with the other yogis at the studio door for the Latin Heat class to finish! Yoga totally kicked my ass. It really did. Half the time I was full of hate and the other half completely in love. There were many Downward Dogs. There were things I could do, and things I couldn't do. I laughed. I cried.

In the end, I found myself excited to attend another session, so I am going again later today.

I spoke with the instructor for a few minutes after the class. She's nice but doesn't strike me, personality-wise, as your typical yoga person – a little on the loud and abrasive side, but not in an off-putting way, not that that makes sense. What I thought was really cool, though, was the fact that she was not one of these (also typical to my mind) willowly, lithe, endlessly flexible types (there were a few yogis in class like that, of course!) – she was fleshy and admitted she wasn't sure she'd get into the Wheel pose (she did). By the way, the Wheel is what I always thought of as a Bridge, like we used to do in elementary school, but it turns out in yoga, the Bridge is something else much easier – just thrusting up your hips and holding them in place. Anyway.

It was really, really challenging. I like a challenge.

Another thing I have been doing is working out in the basement of my office on lunch breaks! What?! Yes! There is this big room down there that is perfect for any number of things, including walks (it's big enough to be used as an indoor track), bodyweight exercises, jump rope, yoga, etc. etc. Most recently I did a 30-minute walk/run and a 10-minute HIIT workout (Day One of Neila Rey's 30 Days of HIIT). Again, here is something that looks easy but actually kicks major butt. Seriously. I was all like, what? Running in place (aka High Knees), squats, and squat thrusts? No problem! Except, no. It was hard. I thought I was in pretty good shape. No. Not yet.

By the way, everyone calls it a Burpee now, but when I was in high school we did those bad boys and they were called squat thrusts. They were also a lot easier to do in high school. Honestly, I could barely do the backward thrusting required for the movement at first, but it did become easier (kind of).

I am sore.

So, I still need to get back to my C25K program, for which I was about to begin week 4. As I mentioned earlier, I'm still a little phlegmy and was not sure if running was a good idea yet, but yesterday's basement workout assured me that I could probably power through. That will be next on the list – I may give it a shot on the treadmill after yoga this evening. I did actually sign up for the Fleet Feet store 5K training, it's official! I'll be starting that in mid-February. So yes, I am really, really doing this.


Overall, I am feeling very positive about things in general. I think one big difference between now and then (and a look back into way back blog posts will confirm) that I have very few negative feelings and thoughts associated with what I am doing. I do not feel resentful, I do not feel desperate, and it is rare that I get mad anymore about my relationship to the scale. I have a better understanding about how my body works in relation to my efforts. I also feel like I have a better understanding of food, which is funny to say since I have felt like a near expert for many years, but I don't know – there is just something different going on this time, in a really good way.

I kind of feel like superwoman, if you really want to know.

P.S. 70 pounds down! Yeah!

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