Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Progress Photos

Face shots, from before the start (late 2013, 370-ish pounds) and more current (11/23/15, 265 pounds):


In the beginning (or at least this beginning), just before I started getting serious about things, in April 2014. I weighed 372 pounds standing 5'8" tall.

It's interesting because even though I knew I was heavy, I never looked this way in my mind's eye, and I didn't often look at myself in full-length mirrors. I can honestly say now that I was at least half denial about how big I got.

The next photo shows progression – down to 345 pounds and then 318 pounds. I'm wearing the same outfit in each so that you can see, for instance, how bulging my belly was even after losing almost 30 pounds. At 318 it's much less obvious. And now I can't even wear those pants anymore because they fall off me.

Somewhere in between:

Some face shots showing the contrast of 372 to 299.

And what my body was doing at 297. This was February 2015.

Finally, as of May 19, 2015, 86 pounds lost. I don't see too great a difference from the last set, but:

107 pounds down, 265 pounds:

3/4/2016, back to about 280 pounds but feeling and looking pretty good, I'd say! 


  1. Nice work! You're so smart to take progress photos -- you can really track the difference! I need to do this more. It would be helpful on those really tough days/weeks and realize where I truly started and where I am now at.

    1. Hi Katherine! I wish I had been taking more, and in clothes that make it easier to see the progress, but oh well. Actually, my boyfriend took some of me naked a couple months ago and we should probably take another set to see how those look. Of course I will never post those here! :) It's definitely hard to see a meaningful difference sometimes when you see yourself every day. Photos really help.

  2. Love your glasses! Thank you for stopping by my blog. xx

    1. Thanks so much, Anita! I admire you a lot. :)

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