Monday, March 14, 2016

A New Week, A New Plan

I had a very active week last week and stuck to plan except for Sunday – I had planned on going to a yoga class and doing a wee bit more running. But, I was in the kitchen almost all day trying to get ready for a Pi/Pie party I was going to attend... and ended up exhausting myself. Post-race and in the middle of a bad period (the first bad one I've had in many months, I can only hope it will be short), I just couldn't drag myself out for any more activity, yoga or party.

(I did end up with a delicious pear pie and a Tourtiere du Shack, though – we are set for the week!)

Anyway, I am going to pre-plan my weeks' activity every week. It seems to really help me get motivated and excited about what I can achieve. Plus, the activity ends up feeling like set dates that I don't want to break once they are typed into my log. Here is this week's; it's packed!

Click to enlarge!

This morning was my first Monday running date with my friend Janice, who runs a little faster than I do for short runs but is fine running at my pace (Yay!). I have been wanting to squeeze one more running day in (4x/week), so this is perfect – it helps so much to have a buddy not only to keep you company, but also to get you out and going in the first place. We met at a park in the town she lives, about halfway between where I live and where I work. It's a lovely park that has a dedicated pedestrian and bike path that runs right along the Niagara River. I figure I will generally aim for two or three miles on my Monday runs. Today was two, mainly because I will also be running tonight at Fleet Feet for a special public group run to celebrate Pi day. 3.14 mile route and pie to eat afterward! I couldn't resist participating in that. 

Janice and me post run! A very happy just-over-two-miles at about a 14:30 pace.

Big shout out to Janice, by the way – she gifted me with her older Garmin Forerunner 15! I guess she has a newer model Garmin and asked if I wanted to try it. I was then going to buy it from her when she told me she just wanted me to have it. A thousand thank yous aren't nearly enough, right? What an amazing gift. I still need to figure out how to use all its features, but I love finally having a GPS watch of my very own!


Another addition to my exercise schedule is twice weekly strength-based workouts, which I really need to get back on. Having experienced an injury because of certain weak muscles, I know how important it is to keep your entire body conditioned and strong in order to run well and run healthy. 

My weight hasn't really budged. Still fiddling in the 275-277 zone, but I'm OK with that for now, especially now that it is TOM and all. However, I've had mostly good eating days the past week and I'm still riding the wave. It's getting easier again, and I will not take that for granted!

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