Friday, June 17, 2016

Wrapping Up the Week, in Quicksand

Argh, I made it through the week! It was what felt like my first full workweek in a while. You see, we have summer hours at work between Memorial Day and Labor Day where we work an extra 45 minutes Monday through Thursday so that we can have every other Friday off. Between holidays and summer Fridays and a personal or sick day here and there, I feel like this week was my first "real" one since... I don't know when. Probably not that long ago. But anyway.

So it's Friday and my week was a mixed bag. One on hand, I started into a new running routine and had two great workouts. Hey, two is better than the one or none I'd been logging for a while there! I was actually due for a third today but was derailed. I was supposed to meet up with a co-worker before heading to the office for a run/walk, but instead I ended up working at home and taking one of my cats to the vet for an eye infection on my lunch break, so... it didn't happen. I've been toying with the idea of at least going out for a walk later this evening, but honestly I just don't know.

Anyway, here is a post-run photo of my last outing. It made me really happy.

3 miles of run/walk, half and half. At six something in the morning, too!

I should know. I should just go out and do it.

No tennis happened this week, which sucked, but we are going tomorrow morning. Yay!

What didn't go so well, unfortunately, was my eating. My weight was way up this morning, to *gasp* 290. What is wrong with me??? Augh! I do not want to be here. I want to be FAR away from here. Yet here I am. I am honestly not sure why I have been struggling so much with food lately.

My logging has been sporadic, so that is probably something I need to focus more on. In fact, that should be a priority. So.

Do me a favor? Tell me what to do. Give me a piece of advice. Give me something to think about. I am asking for someone to help fish me out of this quicksand I found myself in.

That's exactly what it feels like – stuck in quicksand. I've been watching my moving average weight creep up and up for months now. My head is still above the sand, but I am sinking fast and if I don't really do something soon, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble.

Augh. Argh. Ugh. Do not want.


  1. Hi Amy!

    What I do when I am trying to track my eating is first take a hard look at what I'm drinking (alcohol too :(...) I switch out any sodas for green tea--that I make myself without adding sugar. I also try to make sure that any coffee I drink is black. Then I reduce the days I'm allowed to drink alcohol to 2 days a week. You might be able to do less, but a lot of my social life revolves around happy hour down in DC! This is a really good way to cut out those invisible calories--it's hard to switch from soda to water straight away, but I find tea is a good substitute! Also if your stomach needs soda to calm down try to drink peppermint tea--it often helps in the same way!

    The next thing I do is make chicken. Baking chicken or sauteeing it is fast and easy and you don't even need to put too much thought into it, just salt and pepper and a little bit of olive oil. Then add your flavor with a vegetable! I like brocolli a lot, but asparagus and lemon and a little butter is quick and easy, and you can use string beans if asparagus is expensive that week! Chicken chicken chicken. It's fast and easy and you can do a million things that don't involve deep frying that are healthy.

    Emotional eating is hard to compete against. Everyone deals with it sometimes. Perhaps come up with a list of fruit you really love? Sometimes when I'm craving something sweet a bowl of strawberries does the trick, but I hate honeydew, so that would be a nonstarter. Sometimes even eating something sweet that's hard to eat but takes a lot of steps like a pomegranate can help you control your cravings to "be eating" when you aren't looking to be full.

    Idk I don't pretend to be a dietician but I do think that there are some things that help me more than others! Also consider actually going to a dietician to talk about some eating habits! When I was losing my weight i wanted to make sure I was doing it in a way that wouldn't start any bad eating habits that could lead to an eating disorder (I've seen a lot of friends battle with those and I guess I'm a bit paranoid about it). Anyway she was super great and supportive and gave me a lot of good charts about typical heathy eating habits and even some great recipes! It can be overwhelming to think about but a good dietician can be a great person to have in your corner with positive reinforcement! Good luck.

    1. Amy! I am sorry I didn't see your reply until just today! Thank you so much for your comment and suggestions – excellent ones, too. These are all things that I try to work on. Meal prep is a big thing for me, or even just having the right kinds of foods in the house so that dinner is a no-brainer, for instance. I am still not giving up and really appreciate your support. I hope things are going well in DC!! We miss you.

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