Monday, August 8, 2016

Such a Struggle

OK, so I started August out with some ambition and (semi) high hopes.

A week later, I am struggling and I won't be ashamed or embarrassed to share with you.

As of this morning, I've gained about 7 pounds since July 29th.

Yikes! That puts me well into the 290s.

So, so sad.

Time to get back into the 280s again. I know I keep saying it, and maybe by now it doesn't seem like I mean it, but... I really cannot go back to the way I was. I just can't.

My clothes are still fitting, but honestly they are not as comfortable as they were not so long ago. This should be a big wake-up call for me. The reality is, the only way that I am going to buy any new clothes is if they are the same size or smaller than the ones I have now. I refuse to buy into a larger size. That means I have no choice but to snap back into reality and get back on track.

This past weekend so much damage was done mainly because it was my boyfriend's birthday and we totally indulged – lots of yummy food and beer, basically. Oh sure, we had an amazing hike on Friday and we played a good 45 minutes of tennis on Saturday, but as we all know, no amount of exercise can make up for gross overeating, plain and simple.

Hey, we had a really nice weekend and everything was savored, but that is just not how every day can be anymore – sure, it's what it used to be. But that is not the life I want for myself. All weekend I felt bloated, weighed down, tired, ugly (yes, ugly!) and just plain blah, and I know it's because of what I was putting into my body. I don't want to feel like this all the time.

So my week's goal is to get back down into the mid-280s again. The weight came on quickly, so too should it come off if I play my cards right.

On a positive note, here's me at Old Scarbuck Trail in East Concord, NY on Friday. It was a wonderful hike, even if it was about a mile longer than we thought. We both did very well considering, and we can't wait to go back!

The walking stick was a life-saver!
(Compare to two years ago on the trail across the road, our first ever!)
We had to wrangle ourselves down that little hill – it was tricky!

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