Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sometimes, No Rhyme or Reason

Another reason why I am glad I weigh every day: I know how weird the body can be.

Yesterday, I hit my lowest weight this year at 284.6 – pretty thrilled to be under 285 indeed! We had played an hour and half's worth of tennis and I ate had a good eating day the day before.

I also ate well yesterday overall, hit my calorie goal.

This morning? Up two pounds.

Up two for no reason whatsoever, except that sometimes the body does what the body does.

It's OK... I just thought I would share. I think it's important information for anyone trying to lose weight to know.

I wore stripes today anyway!

Ahhh... this shirt fits comfortably again! Hooray!


  1. That is really odd! I have found that I like weighing in daily just to see the fluctuations even if it goes up for no reason!

    1. Yes, it's becoming more and more about learning about my body and how it lives from day to day in various ways. I'm thinking about starting a log of not only daily weight, but also how I am feeling, any unusual things going on, etc. I find it very interesting!

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