Friday, December 12, 2014

60 Down.

It's been a while since my last post, but that doesn't mean that things are bad. Actually, things have been pretty good overall, and I do think about things I want to write here but never seem to get around to it.

I did want to share with you the good news of another milestone: 60 pounds lost so far. I'm tantalizingly close to being under 300 pounds. I can taste it!

The clothes I've been wearing are feeling looser, little by little. I'm just about totally out of size 26 now and the majority of my pants have been 24. (One odd man out, though – a 26 who feels more like a 24, just love consistency of clothes sizes, don't you?) I'm suspecting I'll be into 22 in another couple months. I have some in my closet waiting!

I am also getting noticeably stronger, faster, and have more endurance. That feels amazing. I've had a couple sub-18 minute walk/runs recently that totally dazzle me. Next time out I will be heading into week 2 of C25K – you know, that thing I was going to wait until spring to begin again? I just couldn't wait, and I felt ready.

I decided to continue with my gym membership after all! The last few sessions there I realized how much I would miss having the option to go when I wanted to. Plus, I am still determined to get into the pool! The treadmill will be a nice alternative when the streets and sidewalks are too slushy to navigate.

Things I am thinking about:

Tough Mudders


Homemade pizza

HIIT (This is a very cool site with lots of free resources, including a video exercise library!)


  1. I am totally making pizza tonight now. Congrats on losing 60 pounds! I am so happy to see your journey.

    1. It's a very easy recipe and I just use a spiced up canned tomato sauce – not shy with the cheese, either! :)

  2. So happy to see that you are feeling the ways that you want to. You're kicking ass!

    1. Thank you! ME TOO! Totally. Maybe next time we visit I can actually run with you. Or you can run circles around me, or something like that. :) xo