Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rounding Out the Week

Even though I am pretty beat, I'm feeling super good today, very accomplished. My 5K training group (NoBo) meets every Saturday morning for a run, and today's found us in just about perfect conditions near 40 degrees, NO SNOW OR ICE to navigate around, and the lovely scenery of Delaware Park in north Buffalo. Just wonderful. Today's workout was as follows: 46 minutes total (5 min W; ((4 min W, 2 min R) x 6)) 5 min W), so we are definitely working our run time up. My fellow Amy in the group, who also happens to go at a similar pace as I do, ended up joining me for an additional bit at the end so that we could finish out at 3.1 miles, or 5K, even. We ended up getting in over 50 minutes of walk/run, and it felt awesome!!! (Until I got out of my car upon getting home... oof! These bones are getting old for sure!)

The whole week was pretty good, exercise-wise. I ended up doing something every single day. Usually I aim for five days of activity, but on my rest day yesterday I sort of accidentally found myself doing the next installment of the C25K program I'd started long before NoBo began back in mid-February. Here's how the week rounded out:

Monday: NoBo homework. 40 minutes total (4 min W; ((4 min W, 1:30 min R) x 6)) 3 min W) plus an hour-long yoga class at the gym

Tuesday: NoBo group workout. 46 minutes total (5 min W; ((4 min W, 2 min R) x 5)) 5 min W)

Wednesday: A 34-minute yoga session. Day 2 of 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene

Thursday: NoBo homework. 40 minutes total (5 min W; ((4 min W, 1 min R) x 6)) 5 min W)

Friday: C25K, Week 6 Day 1. 36 minutes total (5 min W, 5 min R, 3 min W, 8 min R, 3 min W, 5 min R, 5 min W)

Saturday: NoBo group workout. 46 minutes total (5 min W; ((4 min W, 2 min R) x 6)) 5 min W) plus additional 5-7 minutes of run/walk.

Hot stuff for this girl! To think that I will be running a whole 5K at the beginning of May. I tell you what, I am starting to think that I will totally be able to do it. It just seems so out of reach today, but I will get there as long as I do the work.


In other news, I am trying to de-stress and simplify my life in various ways. The other day, I made the rather rash decision to quit Facebook. After a mostly innocuous exchange with a friend of a friend that still kind of bugged me, I realized that this kind of stuff did get under my skin and made me worry and fret when I really didn't need to. While there are plenty of good reasons to stay on Facebook (like the NoBo group page), I just thought it would be good to walk away. So far, it's felt like nothing but a huge weight off my shoulders. I may end up going back and starting fresh – being really, really selective about who's on my list there (i.e. very close friends, family, groups I enjoy being part of), and leaving the rest behind. We'll see, but so far, I'm liking it.

I've also been reading a lot about capsule wardrobes and thinking about working on my own! I think this will be a great way to organize my clothes and get the most out of my favorite pieces. The blog where I first read about the concept, Un-fancy, is in my opinion the best place to get started if you're interested in seeing what it's all about. Of course, if you do an internet search for the term you'll find plenty of other sites to visit as well.

I do love fashion but since I'd gained so much weight I sort of gave up on my wardrobe to an extent. In the past I've really loved finding really cool, unique clothes to wear (I was into vintage and thrift shopping a lot in my teens and 20s), but it gets really hard to do that when you're so grossly overweight. Now, even having lost a portion of what I need to I see my options widening and I'm loving it – though I have to be careful not to go overboard because hopefully I won't be staying in any of the upcoming sizes for too very long. Gradually I've been picking through the piles of clothes I've amassed over the years and worn to death, making piles for the garbage and for charity. On the other hand, I have a bunch of clothes that I am and will be growing back into. I'll probably end up buying just a few new key pieces each season to supplement what I already have and go from there. I'm pretty excited!

My style tends to be on the classic side of things in many ways, though I love having a few "surprise" pieces that have a lot of personality. I also enjoy dressing things up with accessories, although, again – this is all stuff I mostly gave up on at my heaviest weight. It's such a joy to explore this side of my creativity again, though. I'm hoping to share some of my fashion adventures with you in the coming months. If you're curious, here are examples of things I would totally keep in my closet if I could snap my fingers: Finding my style on Pinterest


Next week I'll be visiting my dad and stepmom in New Hampshire and continuing my efforts there. They live in a great area for walking and running (my stepmom said she has two- and four-mile routes mapped out with mile markers!), not to mention that Pam's got amazing and almost always coincidentally healthy cooking skills, so chances are I'll find myself dropping a pound or two on vacation. I broke through a plateau last time I was there in July, so we'll see what happens!

In the meantime, I was happy with this morning's weigh-in at 295, finally breaking out from the 296-299 range I've found myself in the past week or two.

It's all good. I'm keeping the pace.

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