Monday, March 30, 2015


(I have also posted this in a couple Facebook groups I belong to, and on my "wall" at MyFitnessPal.)

Is it sad to let your desperation show? I don't even care. I need some cheerleading right now. I need help staying on track. I can't slip back to my old way of life. I just can't.

I have to admit, I guess I'm in the need for a bit of support. I feel like I am having a really hard time sticking to my calorie goals and I've been eating more junk since I've been back from my vacation – I had no problems while ON vacation, though. I'm worried that I'm going into the same direction I have in the past, when I get to a certain point and then... I get lost. I can't let that happen again. Lately my only saving grace has been that my exercise level has increased because of NoBo 5K training, which I love. *sigh* just feeling a little helpless here. All your thoughts are welcome. (And thank you in advance!)

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  1. Look at how far you've come Amy! You are headed in the right direction and will get there...that is what I am telling myself. One thing I have been doing is remembering how hard it is to get out there and run, and how wonderful I feel afterwards. I remind myself of this when I am hungry and about to eat some sort of crap food- do I want to negate all of that hard work? Our hard physical work is for nothing if we get home and eat Doritos. Although sometimes I still do!