Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Links I Love #5

This sounds like a most refreshing recipe!

For good training tips for when I start to train for the 10K.

There are lots of good reasons to cut back on your sugar intake.

Headphones vs. none on a run.

Working up to pushups!

The 12 habits of highly motivated runners.

More yoga stretches – these are seated and good for runners.

Running and weight. Does thinner equal faster? (Probably.)

Does running ever get easier?

If I get aches and pains from running, it's usually in my hips.

Tips for running in hot weather? Since I began training in sub-zero temps, um, YES PLEASE!


Generally, it's been a good week so far. I did pop on the scale real quick yesterday to see if anything was going on and was not thrilled to see it UP a couple pounds, however I know how this goes and I'm not going to worry about it too much. Just keep doing the best I can to eat well and keep my regular activity up – that is what's important. Sure, I had an off weekend (Friday and Saturday were BUSTS, calorie-wise), but that isn't the be-all to end-all, is it?

Today I'm excited to get home so that we can go out and try the demo tennis racquets my boyfriend ordered. It's this cool program where you get to try several racquets for a week, for $20. Fortunately the weather forecast has improved dramatically, so it looks like we'll be able to get lots of practice time in between now and the end of my extra-long weekend (Friday and Monday off!).

With the bf on board with the lifestyle change thing, I'm already planning and scheming for what we can do to stay active this coming winter. I'd really like to get some snowshoes finally, as well as maybe try out some skiing – cross country with bf, and even some downhill with one of my good friends who asked if I was game. I am! Let's do this!

Can you tell I am totally over the moon about not having to do this alone anymore?

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