Sunday, August 23, 2015

Catching Up With...

This might be one of the longest breaks I've had here on this blog since I started writing again last May. I'm sorry about that!

A lot has been going on. Since I hit the 100 pound lost mark, I bounced back up a little bit. That's disappointing, but it's a blip. I promise that to myself. Things have been outside routine since my last post – first, we spent a few days visiting my dad in New Hampshire. That was great not just for the visit but also for the exercise (swimming in the ocean, a hilly run, a cool hike), but I ended up just about back down to 272 as a bonus. We got back home Tuesday evening, I was back to work on Wednesday, and then...

On Thursday morning I got news that my beloved uncle Chuck was in the hospital and it was likely the end. He'd been sick for a while now, but it wasn't exactly expected that this would happen. My partner and I had planned to visit him this weekend, actually. Too late! I made arrangements with my boss and spent the day at the hospital, and with my cousins, sat at uncle's side as he passed away in a Hospice room at about 3pm. It was very peaceful, so much so that we didn't realize he was gone right away. It was still heartbreaking.

Since then, things have been tough, as you can imagine. My uncle was more than just an uncle to me. He lived a long life and the recent years have been especially good to him. But, he lost his dear wife late last year, and with his own health issues, he was ready to say goodbye.

I haven't really been thinking much about my eating. It's been fair at best, but I'm not too worried about it. Tomorrow I'm back to work and the one good thing about that is that I'll be back to the regular routine. I am anxious to get back on track and continue on my journey. My eating was TOTAL crap today but I am happy that I got a two mile run in at a great pace for me, 14:10. With everything that's been going on in August running has gone to the wayside a bit and I've only been running once a week or so. It is good to know that I am still capable, and I will be ready to finish up this session of my running group at the beginning of September, hopefully with a flourish.

That's all I have for now. I am still here, and I am not giving up. Far from it.


  1. Oh no, so sorry for your loss :( Glad he and your family at least had hospice available.

    1. Thank you, Wendy. Ironically, he passed away about an hour after they finally got him in a Hospice room! But it was as nice as it could have been all things considered. He is missed by many.