Friday, July 29, 2016

And Then...

So blue yesterday, and then things shifted just a little bit.

We ended up going on a great, almost two-mile walk last night after making an awesome dinner. One of our go-to stir-fry dishes, peanut butter chicken, mmmmm. It's not exactly the best stuff health-wise, but we don't have it often and it sure is tasty! And this batch was maybe one of the best I ever made.

My ass is still dragging in the mornings, and don't you hate it when you say how tired you are and your partner says something like, "Well, you got seven hours of sleep," trying to be helpful or something? Hey, buster, it doesn't matter how many hours I got – if I am tired, I'm tired. Blergh.

And I totally forgot that I could come in later today for our summer Friday schedule. We get every other Friday off but then work an extra 45 minutes Monday through Thursday. The alternate Friday is regular hours, but I almost always forget. So I asked and got permission to leave early today instead, which will be nice.

I have a busier weekend ahead than I'd have liked – I need to remember for future summers how precious weekends are and to NOT schedule any sort of extra work on them (unless the money is super good and the work is super easy). My saying no skills get better and better as I get older.

Another piece of good news is that I weighed again this morning, and I was 286.8, less than last time by a little bit. It's still not super great, but I will take it. Ideally, I want to not be over 285.

OK, well, I do have better ideals than that, but for now it will do.

Ideally, I'd never be in the 280s again, ultimately. Ideally, I'd be at or above (below?) the 100 pounds lost mark forever. Ideally, I'd be below 270.

I'm doing OK, though. I'm holding my own. I'm feeling good.

(Still maybe a little blue, but that is OK, too.)

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