Friday, July 8, 2016

How It's Going: Day 4

Three days later... how did that happen? I've been pretty focused on my challenges and doing well. To be honest, the scale is not showing much movement at all day to day (I've been weighing daily lately), but my activity level has literally been off the charts, which I'm very proud of – will be 7+ hours total at the end of the week including running, walking, and tennis.

Just about an hour ago I completed Day 4 of my running challenge! Tomorrow I've got the 10K and I'm honestly still not feeling good about doing it. I plan to go and give it a try, but I have zero expectations for anything except that.

As I mentioned, the scale hasn't done much despite my continued efforts to eat less and better. I'm down about a pound, so I guess that is a win – but it still leaves me just outside the 270s. Oh well! I'll keep making the effort!

I am committed!

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