Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hangin' Out

Looks like I am hanging out at 320 lately. It's neither here nor there, I guess.

I do have relatively high hopes for the next little while, though -- no treats or eating out at all until next payday, which isn't until next Wednesday. So, we're on another "forced diet". It's good considering that I've been fudging a lot, that is, eating like crap. (Fudging sounds so much better, no?)

So yesterday I went on our last shopping trip until next week and got fixin's for a huge batch of chili and cornbread, which turned out great and will last us through the end of the week. I also bought microwave popcorn (makes for an easy, fairly healthy snack or even a meal in a pinch), and some fruits and veggies to supplement what we already have in the fridge left over from last week. We have rice and pasta and there is some chicken in the freezer. I can make homemade bread with what we have on hand. We're definitely not going to starve, and we'll eat less and better. It's really kind of a good thing for us not to have money on hand, but it sure is stressful, too. But, we'll get past this, like we always do.

Last night after dinner, C. wondered if I would want to go out and dig up another small plot in the garden to see if we can grow some vegetables from seed with whatever growing season we have remaining. I had some carrot seeds and some Italian greens mix seed, so that is what we did. Not only did we get a good workout, but we're growing even more yummy, healthy stuff to eat. With our couple years' experience under our belt for trying things out (first tomatoes and peppers in containers, then trying to plant a variety of things directly in the ground), next year we're really going to go all out. I'd like to not have to buy veggies at the grocery store at all if I can help it, during growing season anymore. It really does make it easy to want to eat more healthfully—there is nothing like tasting the fruits of your own labor.

In a nutshell? Things could be worse, indeed. I'll get back on.

PS: Oh, and, I just want to say that raw zucchini, cut in slices and popped into your mouth, makes an excellent snack! Very yummy and fresh out of the garden.

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  1. Amy, for future reference, a bottle/jar/bag of popcorn kernels is way more cost-effective than microwave popcorn, and you can make whatever amount you like. I pop mine in a little vegetable oil in a pot on the stovetop, and it's great.