Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was surprised when I got on the scale this morning. It read 317. For some reason I was expecting a big gain, so this was a wonderful thing indeed.

I still haven't been tracking food again or doing much of anything, except weighing in the morning and drinking my water. And here, my boyfriend sent me a link that is another good reason to stop drinking my soda of choice, Diet Pepsi. So I guess it stops again, which is good. I am so against Monsanto that this news is enough for me to never lay a Pepsi product on my tongue again. They don't give a crap, it sounds like to me!

Things have been very, very stressful lately, especially in my personal life. I don't know when it will be relieved, so I am just trying to deal and not let myself get out of hand to compensate for it. You know, comfort food and drink. Trying to avoid that and just focus on eating for fuel and health, minus the cookies that have been out in the break room at work, leftover from the company picnic over the weekend. We are battling, and I'd say we are about even. That means, I am eating a few during the day but not going totally crazy. I'm craving balance in my life. And control.

Food and eating, I suppose, is a way to do that when everything else is going to crap.

Or just focusing on taking care of the physical me when the mental and emotional me is impossible to reign in right now.

Give and take.

Have to stay healthy.

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