Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby Steps

So, I've been sort of doing Flylady the past week or so. Nothing too hard core on my part, really -- just doing the making the bed first thing in the morning, and keeping the sink shiny (so nice!). These are small changes, but she really emphasizes making small changes a bit at a time only, so that they're more likely to become habits that are easy to keep up. I'm getting there. Tonight I set my alarm for 15 minutes and cleaned the bathroom, which I hate to say really needed it.

I did in fact go for a walk last evening. Holy cow, what an eye-opener! I did ten minutes and that was enough. It was just about all I could do, really. So sad to think about where I was a year ago. Or even more so, two years ago. But there's no sense in looking back. There's only now and the future. I did something, though, and that is what is important. Tonight, the cleaning qualified as exercise. I sweated enough to prove it, honestly.

Today I tried to make some small changes, continuing to remind myself that I don't have to do it all at once. I had a yogurt and whole wheat toast for breakfast and drank some water; for lunch I was back at Subway but decided no more meatball marinara any more. I had roast beef with red vinegar and the usual host of vegetables; one concession I did not make was to have cheese on it. I grabbed a bag of baked Lay's and, for the first time in a while, a diet soda. Somehow I had gotten into the habit of drinking regular soda, and that is something that is not hard for me to abstain from, so abstain I did. The rest of the day I had more water. Ultimately, I'd like to get back to all water again, except maybe at dinner.

Speaking of which, I honestly set out to make a relatively healthy meal. I bought scallops and asparagus. I had decided to make a risotto. Actually, the asparagus risotto was not too bad until I added a handful of asiago cheese to it at the end (which it probably didn't even need, it was so creamy), and the poor scallops, I baked them in some butter with a bread crumb topping.

*sigh* Well, I still consider it a good day looking toward change. Tomorrow's another day, we'll see what I can do then.

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  1. Nothing wrong w/baby steps. Nothing at all. And yay you for walking on Friday!! Great job. I'll bet u are about ready to embark on yard work too, soon.

    Homework for Saturday--another walk!!

    I can see in your bloggie words that you are starting to get 'conscious' again, and that is huge. You are thinking about what is going in your mouth..reg soda pop, diet soda pop, water...choices...Maybe another small focus could be more water in a day. You could take a bottle w/you on your walk and sip away. :)
    HUGS!! Chrissy