Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Positive vibes

I'm feeling pretty good today, which is always nice. Kind of a surprise, too, since it's pretty gloomy outside -- grey and drizzle.

Which is why I am that much more excited to share with you my achievement for the day: I went for a walk on my lunch break. You see, I almost didn't because of the weather, but I went ahead and threw my coat on and went for it, regardless. I am very proud of this. And I have to give credit where it is due; honestly, if it wasn't for the accountability I feel I have for you readers, I may have skipped it. In fact, I probably would have. But then I thought, "I promised them. I can't skip again," thinking back to Sunday when I did just that.

So I told myself to just go for ten minutes. I went to the bike path, said good day to a pair of Canada geese, and started walking. I felt like I was able to cover more ground than I thought I would; I was also surprised that I was able to make it back in the same amount of time that I went out. I thought for sure I'd slow down. It sure felt like it, but according to my watch I did five minutes out and five back. It was really the perfect amount of time for me at this stage. My goal is to make an easy twenty, and then try another round of C25K. I am definitely aiming to run again, oh yes. I have not yet given up hope to run a marathon before I die.

I've been eating pretty well today, too. Toast, yogurt, oranges (x2), and some leftover asparagus asiago risotto, maybe a cup or so? I have another yogurt with me if I need something more later. For dinner, I'm stopping off at the gyro place (C. is dying for one; it is his obsession right now), and I am not sure what I'll get. I may splurge a little, if getting a gyro as a meal is considered splurging.

Along with the whole Flylady thing, and some nice emails with an awesome co-worker, I feel like I am re-setting my brain for many aspects of my life. I'm trying so hard to stay positive and really enjoy things as much as I can. For me, having a cleaner (not necessarily always clean clean, but cleaner) house has a lot of bearing on my general happiness, so stupid old Flylady has made a big difference in my life even if I'm not in it completely. Making the bed first thing is now a habit; "swish and swipe (sic)" is, too -- it's wiping down the sink, toilet, and mirrors (and whatever else you have time for), and quickly swishing the toilet with the brush, just so your bathroom is always ready for company. What a concept!

I know, I am slow on the intake when it comes to certain things. Hey, I'm getting there!


  1. Good for you. You are moving forwards and that's always the best plan.

    When I was bigger my house was much messier. I had no routine and my finances weren't great. I do think these things are connected.

    I think I thought my messiness was due to my creativity - that it was an outwards manifestation of it so it was ok. It was in a way but I've discovered that I thrive in a routine. I am much less tired and much more sorted. And still as creative!

  2. WAHHHHOOOOOO, Yipppeeeeeeeee, WOOHOOO and all that!! That is me cheering for your 10 min walk today. Not even so much about the length of it or anything, but I am focusing on the fact that you did it and the weather wasn't even that great! You kept a promise. To us your loyal supporters. =) Good job.

    And I do agree with Claire about the cleaning/organization/finances, & taking care of our bodies all being intertwined. I guess it has to do with discipline and maybe self worth. [I don't have it all figured out, OR mastered, just think there is something to that.)

    I too, am trying to do better in all those departments.

    I'll bet you felt good, and invigorated after your breather at work today. I'm so proud of you. Good to see you are thinking about what food is going in your mouth, and making some good choices. I heard someone say today about journaling what you eat, "if you bite it, write it".
    Hope to see a post tomorrow, Amy.