Monday, September 20, 2010

Thinking about the Future

So... one more thing. I wanted to write this down.

I've been thinking a little bit about how I'd like to eat after the eight weeks is over. Honestly, I do believe that I will keep doing what I am doing, with some slight modifications. One, I will add a little bit of bread back into my life, but try to make it a whole wheat choice whenever possible. It won't be the major staple that it had become before. And, of course... pizza. I would genuinely like to try some thinner, whole wheat homemade crusts in the future. Less cheese, more veggies. That's totally doable. I see much less sweets in my life — I had a pretty bad habit going. How about a piece of dark chocolate once in a while?

I can totally switch to whole wheat pasta, no problem at all.

Rice? I love jasmine rice. I can get used to brown rice with my stir fry, though.

Potatoes and all the aforementioned items: All less of them overall.

Dude, I don't know... I may want to just keep on keeping on, too. Of course I am always open to a special treat on occasion, but like C. was saying to me? NOT a whole day of binging. A treat during one meal, sure, but a whole day? I'd like to break that habit, too.

Of course, it is early in the game to be thinking about this now. But I have believed and will always believe that it is best to dream big. I will be really interested to see how I feel about all this come November, that is for sure.

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