Monday, September 14, 2015

Another Monday

I can't believe a whole week has passed by since my last post already! Wow!

Since last time I also feel like fall has made a real entrance as well, although it looks like we have warmer temps coming up this week again... which I should embrace. Ask me how I feel about 70s and 80s temps when I am trudging around snow banks in the middle of January. Yeah. So even though running in the cooler temperatures we've had the past few days is infinitely nicer, I will bear more warmer ones if I must.

We were back to playing tennis but only managed two sessions due to more schedule and weather issues. You really can't play in the rain, and we had plenty of that last week. I did run three times, though – two 2 milers and one – get this – 5.5 miler! I'm pretty proud of that. It's the biggest news I have aside from getting back down to 272 and beyond! I hit 270 one morning, much to my excitement, but haven't seen it since. That's OK, I'll get there.

It seems like every other day is a struggle. Or maybe I should frame is thusly: Every other day is a breeze. But I am still dealing with some emotional eating and sometimes wonder if I will ever get over it. (The correct answer is, YES! Yes, I will!) So I'll have a really great, nearly effortless day followed by the day from Hell where I want to eat ALL. THE. FOOD. And sometimes do.

What is keeping me going is the desire to live a long, healthy life. I visited my GP for a yearly checkup and while I was in the waiting room, I saw many examples of the kind of older person I did not want to end up being like. Of course I understand that some of it is just luck of the dice, right? But at the same time I want to stack the odds as much in my favor as possible. I'm also continuing to dazzle my own self with my accomplishments – each week it seems that I am doing something I never thought I would, like the aforementioned 5.5 mile run. It's truly amazing what our not-so-perfect bodies can do when we give them permission (and the proper training) to.

My intention was to get in a 5 mile run as per my training schedule for the 10K trail race coming up. I had arranged to meet up with a few running buddies on Saturday morning and just get it done, no matter how long it took me. Well, it was raining. A lot. Like, cats and dogs raining. But, I got geared up anyway and was just about out the door when my main running pal, Amy F., texted me asking if we were still meeting. I replied saying that I was all ready to go and would be there even if no one else was. I really wanted to get it out of the way and I didn't want to psych myself out.

Long story short, we got to the park and ended up with six of us total ready to go. The rain got worse, but I realized that once I had stood in the rain long enough I barely noticed it. I even popped in my contact lenses so that I wouldn't have to deal with foggy, wet glasses for an hour and a half. As I said, 5 miles was the plan, but by the time my running partner of the day, Emily, and I completed three loops around the park, we were at 5.3 miles. No way is my OCD self going to leave it at that – "Let's do 5.5!" I urged. And we did. Amy ended up doing 6.5!

Emily is a runner from the Learn to 5K program that just ended but she has been totally rocking it. Our pace is similar and she ran the whole distance with me and kept my mind off the miles for sure with her gift of gab. I'm not sure what that run would have been like without the benefit of companionship! But, now I know that I am totally capable of it, and we finished with an average pace of 15:28 – not breaking speed records for sure, but crushing distance, which is what I was interested in. 10K is totally within reach and I am no longer unsure about the race next month, even with its added challenge of trails. I know I can cover the distance.

Photos! Of course.

Stupid, or dedicated? You tell us. Emily, Amy F., me, and Jewel excited to run in the rain.

In between No Boundaries sessions, some of us plan to meet on Saturday mornings in Delaware Park like we do when the program's running.

Me, Emily, Pat, and Liz. Pat and Liz are NoBo mentors and are the best cheerleaders! This photo was
snapped when Emily and I were about to begin our third and final loop around the park.

In other Fleet Feet-related news, the Ton of Fun program started on Saturday with the baseline weigh-in and measurements. I came in at two pounds over the finish of the last session, which, all things considered, is not too bad. More like a maintain when you think about how much my weight has fluctuated. Tonight is the orientation, and I will be one of three mentors who will offer more help and support to participants – and it will keep me motivated and focused as well. I want to set a good example. My goal for the next 12 weeks is perhaps a bit ambitious, but I'd like to see 250 by the end, which means I'm looking at over 20 pounds to lose. I know I can do it, but I will really have to get serious and stop letting stupid stuff get the best of me.

Let's do this! Power in numbers.

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