Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Week

It was, well, a week.

Nothing special. Kind of the opposite, really. It was kind of hard but kind of carefree.

Basically, I wasn't too terribly pleased with my eating or with my activity level. I had two runs (a 3 miler and 5.5 yesterday) and one lame half hour session of tennis. We were both tired and a little out of practice and played on a not-so-great court. Not the worst, either, but we've been spoiled by usually playing at a nearby high school's courts that are just about perfection, so... anyway. I was also in a pissy mood because the local Pickleball enthusiast have had the city paint all the courts with stupid Pickleball lines, which I find very distracting. Stupid Pickleball. Go play ping pong or something and stop ruining our tennis courts!

Ugh. I had intended on Monday's run to be 4 miles, but ended up with 3, which is fine. I did another 5.5 yesterday, which was on my training schedule. I should have had one more run in between, but it just didn't happen. I'll blame it on physical therapy, which has been kicking my butt. Or should I say, it's kicking my glutes. My whole body, really. When I started with PT a couple weeks ago, they had given me a couple fairly easy exercises, but now we've entered into some really hard-core, super sweat-inducing stuff – like planks done the right way. I've done plenty of planks in my time, but never have I done planks like the ones they have me doing – engaging all the right muscles in a way I'd never done before. Honestly, it kind of ruins me at this point.

So yeah, I've been taking it a little easier this week for sure.

Weekly weigh-ins for the Ton of Fun program at Fleet Feet began this past week. Mine are on Saturdays, so after my run in the morning I went over to the store, none too enthusiastically since I didn't have a great scale reading at home and expected to show a gain. BUT, by some grace of god I showed a 2 pound loss. I figure it wasn't just because of the run, because I weighed under the same circumstances last week. Good enough, and puts me below 272 again, just. I'm pretty pleased.

Today my big goal is to get the week planned entirely for food. I want to know what I am eating every day ahead of time, and I want to have as much prepared for that as possible, too. I know that will go a long way to help me get back on a really good track and moving confidently into the 260s and beyond.

Here's to an awesome week ahead!

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