Thursday, September 3, 2015

Random Thoughts

In plusses and minuses.

+ I tried on more clothes from the big bag of hand-me-downs that Jewel gave me. There was one pair of cords from Lane Bryant with a size 18 label. They just plain looked small to me, and I thought, "Ugh, no way not now!" but tried them on anyway... News flash! While I couldn't quite zip and button yet, I am really close. Color me shocked. I also tried on some lovely Lands' End Starfish pants, size XL (they are a nice quality knit). Totally fit. Maybe not suitable for outdoor consumption, but it's not far away.

+ For real, I signed up for the RidgeWalk 10K trail run! Oh my god, it's a month and a half away. I am crazy. To prepare, I am going to follow most of this training plan. I already typed it into my training log schedule and I'm ready to get started on Tuesday!

+ I decided to visit a sports-focused physical therapist since my left knee and hip have been giving me a little concern lately. I didn't think it was anything serious, but I also didn't want to take any chances and nip it in the bud if it was something that could get worse. I had my appointment today and it was pretty great. I have a slight imbalance and I'm going to be working on strengthening stuff, including the glutes and the core in the coming weeks. I'm excited to get stronger, but man – I sure am feeling funny after the light manipulations the PT did on me today. I would never have imagined how sore I'd be after that. Now I know what my mom is talking about after one of her PT sessions! That shit is hardcore!

+ I had a good week of eating up until this morning. I'd dropped all but two pounds of what I'd gained since hitting the 100 pound mark. I was feeling good and confident and...

- I had a pretty bad eating day today. Can I tell you about it? It was full of stupid choices that I'd like to admit here purely for accountability's sake, and so I can look back on it and remember how yucky it made me feel. Oh sure, I could claim carb-loading for the race I am running tomorrow, but...

Breakfast was over 1200 calories alone. Super stupid Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwich and too many stale Munchkins and a strawberry Coolatta. Sad, I know.

Lunch was a bagel and cream cheese. I didn't bring anything to work with me and it was leftover from Bagel Wednesday, plus I needed something fast and easy to make up for the time I took on lunch for the PT appointment. More poor planning.

I was more or less planning to just not eat dinner, in which case my calories for the day would have been fine. But no. I got hungry again, and ended up getting a pork and chorizo burrito from the Mexican place my partner was ordering from, and had a pork tamale and a few chips and salsa.

Dinner was a bust. It put me way over the top. At that point I was like fuck it (pardon my French, but not really), and just downed a whole big bar of Chocolove dark chocolate with orange peel for dessert. It just became ridiculous.

And now I feel stupid.

But life goes on, and tomorrow is a new day. And I have a race to run, and after that a race to train for.

I'm OK. Sometimes stupid gets in the way, and you just have to move beyond it.

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