Saturday, March 4, 2017


I finally got myself below 300 today – just. 299.8, and I will take it gladly! Now, to keep it off and take more and more.

Also, I bench pressed for the first time today and I was able to do 80 pounds.



  1. Those are both great, wow! Good job. I bench press only 50, I think - time for me to think about moving up, maybe, or at least test the waters. You are STRONG!

    1. Thank you – 50 is great too, I had no idea what people do or how much a lot of weight is, except that I couldn't do the 80 the first time I tried it! My trainer built me up to it during the session, maybe starting with 50? I am a beast, sooo... LOL! Your muscles will rise to the challenge if you train them right! I'm loving it.