Monday, July 27, 2009

312.2, or unlearning how to eat

This is just crazy. I guess my body is making up for lost time with all the losing it's been doing lately, which is fine by me!

It's just very interesting to me how this has been working. This past week or so I've been eating very differently than usual, but only in that for any given meal, I'm probably eating about half of what I would normallly—to save money. But now, I think I am becoming used to it! Today, we've got some money again, and after I went to the bank on my lunch break, I stopped at Subway for something to eat. Usually, I'll get a footlong sub and a bag of baked chips. This time, while I did get a footlong, I only ate half of it, and wrapped up the rest to put in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch. I did it mainly not to feel so guilty for buying lunch out, but I have to say: Half was enough. I feel sated but not stuffed. Totally comfortable. It's like I've been learning how much food really is enough for the first time this week, isn't that crazy?

Obviously, it is making all the difference in my weight loss, too. This is a real "A-ha!" moment for me. Just because I can eat however many calories doesn't mean that I have to, or even need to.

Yep, in the past, I've just always made sure that I stuff my face with however much I could get away with and still lose weight. I'm now finding that I don't necessarily need all of it.

I like how I am learning and unlearning new stuff all the time.

This is truly a major milestone for me. It's exciting.


  1. It is VERY exciting! Go Amy! I love the "killin' 2 birds w/one stone" here...Of course not nice that you were in a financial pinch recently, but so cool that it was a learning time. You and C really passed that 'test'.

    I recall in your original blog u had set out to address both finances and WL. And here you are.

    I must point out my pride in you that when u did get some $$ in hand, you still used some self control. Sometimes we humans feel we 'suffered' without, and now we deserve to buy AB & C w/our next paycheck.

    Keep it up sister!

  2. Thank you so much, Chrissy! Well, I am making a little progress on the money front. Definitely showing a lot of spending restraint, both of us, lately. It could become a habit!

    Hope all is well with you.