Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, Thursday

... can't trust that day...

It feels like a Monday today, dragging on, stuffy, antsy at my office desk. Just another hour and some to go.

I've not much new to report to you, but I want to report anyway, just because I know it helps me. I tried the broken scale again and with an average of three readings, I'm at 315.4. Gosh, I hope it is correct. Not to mention, with being so cash strapped, who knows when I'll be able to buy a new one, so I just have to hang in there.

C. ended up taking some money out of our emergency account yesterday so that I could get gas for the car and a few things to sustain us. I hate doing that, but I guess you could call this an emergency, I don't know. We ended up getting Wendy's for dinner after we each had a downright ascetic rest of the day. I didn't go the "good" route, but I also got very sick to my stomach 7/8 of the way through eating it and if you use your imagination, you can likely understand that I canceled it out altogether thanks to mother nature *wink wink*. Sorry if that is TMI.

I got a little bit of physical activity in by weeding the veggie garden, which took an hour.

Aside from that, nothing. I feel like my life is all discombobulated right now and just trying to hold onto little things that keep me grounded. I am certainly looking forward to having things back to normal, believe you me.

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