Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Taking a Breath

OK, now that I am past the initial shock earlier, I feel better. I'd like to extend a big thanks to Ria for being the voice of reason and reminding me that this is most likely water retention, and that I really didn't gain 5 pounds in less than as many days. It still feels crappy, but I'll be all right.

I'm not going to let it throw me totally off, and I am going to keep on keeping on regardless. So I don't get down to 310 by July 11th, what difference does it make in the big scheme of things? It's still a very real possibility that I make it below 300 by the end of the summer. Heck, no matter what I will weigh less by the end of the summer, even by a few pounds—and that's what matters.

I need to stick with it, and I need to keep my head focused on my goals. What do I want? What don't I want?

Hm, I just heard one of my co-workers comment on how "heavy" today feels, with the high humidity (low temps though!), and realized how tight the skin on my fingers feel... it's no wonder I've gained. Hopefully it will leave as quickly as it arrived.

Oh, and I just realized... today I am entering my third month of DOING THIS. That's an achievement in itself.

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