Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thanks, TOM!


I have been doing mostly well on plan since I was last here, but making zero progress. It's annoying, but I fully blame TOM. Female stuff. Every time I get there, it always causes a stall, so I am not too worried. I am still going to call my practitioner tomorrow just to see what she has to say, if there is anything I can do additionally, but I really think once this is over, I'll probably have a big drop.

If not, whatever. I'm still sticking with it. Here are a few good reasons why!

1. I promised myself that if I am hanging all out here without any health insurance (though I will have it again starting in late August, hooray!), that I'd better start taking care of myself a lot better. And I have. Things have been good health-wise, knock on wood, and continue to get better. I can sense that.

2. I need to fit into the airplane seat in October!

3. I am so close to wearing a whole new wardrobe, it isn't even funny. Ooh, on Friday I was able to wear outside of the house a pair of pants I wore when I lost weight about eight years ago! My body must have changed a lot over the years, because I was wearing those pants a good 40, almost 50 pounds lighter back then.

4. I have an extreme psychological need to get below 300 pounds. Once I get there (and comfortably stay there), I will feel a weird sort of safety and achievement. Not that I will rest on my laurels!

5. I just want to finally DO IT. I don't want to spend the rest of my life futzing around with this crap. Like my mom said, with the plan we are working with, now we have a go-to, clear-cut thing we can do immediately if the weight starts to creep up again. I do not want to be 50 and still working on losing weight. Heck, I don't even want to be 45 and doing it. I could very well be done with the losing by the time I am 42 if I remain vigilant.

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