Thursday, April 30, 2015

Desktop Breakfast

Most weekdays, I end up eating breakfast at my desk at work. I suppose it's not ideal, although in my situation it doesn't get in the way of anything and I feel like I can take more time to enjoy what I am eating, even if I am multi-tasking.

Some days I'll just have a yogurt and/or some fruit, but my favorite and most frequent breakfast is oatmeal. I have finally achieved my personal Holy Grail of desktop oatmeal recently and I just love it, so I thought I'd share it here with you! It really couldn't be easier, and it's made with things I keep in my desk drawers (I bring in the banana from home each day, though).

While at home, I have come to love steel cut oats or rolled oats out of the cardboard tubular box, those don't work as well in the office environment. I came upon this method because I had almost a whole box of store brand instant oatmeal (the kind that comes in single-serve packets) that was languishing in the cupboard, and I thought I would try to use it up at work.

I throw the instant oats in a bowl (I brought in a nice bowl to use at work) and I add a few spoonfuls of Bob's Old Mill Muesli (love!). Then, I slice up a banana into chunks right on top. Next is a tablespoon of peanut butter, and I stick the spoon with the PB in the bowl with everything else.

Then I walk myself over to the water cooler, and I add hot water to the bowl. I was actually measuring it the first few times, and then I lost my half cup measure and just guesstimated after that adding a little water at a time. The spoon is already in there, so after the first spurt of water, stir it up to see what the texture is doing. Add more as needed until you get it looking the way you like – some people like it thick, some like it on the runny side (I guess). I suppose I fall into the "just right" category when it comes to oatmeal. Call me Goldilocks!

Pouring the hot water over the top helps to melt the PB, and it makes the banana soft, too. As you're mixing, everything will become a lovely, tasty mush with a few chunks of banana. The crunchy, nutty elements of the muesli add a nice contrast to the mushiness, and the combination of the banana, PB, and  the raisins in the muesli give you the perfect level of sweetness – absolutely NO extra sugar or other type of sweetener needed here.

And the volume! When you first pour the instant oatmeal in the bowl, it's like... is that all there is? But by the time you're done, you have a hearty bowl of delicious food that will keep you sustained well into the noon hour. I do like to eat more earlier in the day than later, so as you can see, I'm also having some Chobani yogurt as well – blackberry on the bottom is my favorite! Other days I'll have another piece of fruit; lately it's been oranges. And I always, always, always, have several cups of tea, usually some type of green or some Traditional Medicinals Everyday Detox. The latter is perhaps an acquired taste, but I absolutely love it.

The ultimate desktop brekkie!
On weekends, it's a different story. When I have the time I love to make bacon and eggs, and I often do! Two eggs over easy, three slices of bacon, and two slices of (hopefully) whole wheat toast slathered with butter. Oh, and on Wednesdays, it's free bagel day at work, so you know I am taking advantage of that. But honestly? Yesterday I actually missed having my oatmeal. The bagel wasn't that great for some reason, and not nearly as satisfying.

Easy Desktop Oatmeal

1 packet of instant oatmeal
Several spoonfuls of muesli
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
1 banana
hot water

Pour oatmeal in a bowl. Add the muesli. Slice the banana on top of the cereals. Spoon out about a tablespoon of peanut butter, and stick the spoon in the bowl. Pour hot water over everything a little bit at a time, stirring in between. Add enough water that you get the consistency you like, stir a little more so that the peanut butter has melted and there are just a few actual chunks of banana left.


Totals for this bowl, according to MyFitnessPal calculations:
376 calories, 66 g carbs, 12 g fat, 11 g protein, 144 g sodium, 10 g fiber

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