Friday, April 17, 2015

I Have to Hand It To You

All hands on deck!

On one hand:

I am wearing a pair of pants in public that I haven't been able to wear in over 10 years. They're a size 22 dress pant from Lane Bryant.

I weighed in at 290 this morning! Lowest in a loooong time. Yes, the losses have been slow in 2015 but they are happening, and I am pretty OK with that.

On the other hand:

Eating is out the window today, which is fine but somehow it always bothers me even though I know it's just a one day or a one meal thing. I should really just get over it and enjoy, why not? Jelly beans for breakfast, McDonald's for lunch, my favorite pizza for dinner. Ugh, I know. Silly, like a kid with no supervision.

On still another hand:

Tomorrow will be full of activity, including my 5K training group workout – 40 minutes running straight! PLUS going on a light hike somewhere with my partner afterward. I get to use my new hiking shoes! I also plan to get back to business, eating-wise.

Get the balance right.

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