Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More Plusses

I've been having a good few days. The depressed fog I was in seems to be lifting a bit, and I don't feel quite as stressed out as I was there for a while. This in turn has had a positive effect on how I eat. (Surprise! Not really.)

+ I'm wearing a bra that I buried away probably thinking I'd never be able to wear again, for the first time in I don't know how many years. At least seven, I'd guess.

+ I'm wearing a tank top that was labeled the same size as so many of the others I was wearing, but was way smaller. It's in brand new shape even though I've had it for a couple years – I could never wear it! I tried it on on a whim this morning, and lo! A perfect fit.

+ In yoga news, I realized this morning that I can now do a child's pose without splaying out my knees. The splaying is a common variation and I like how it feels, but the "regular" version is pretty cool, too – the girth of my stomach no longer prevents me from doing it! I like having options! And I like making progress.

Eating has been better – more or less a what you can, when you can effort to make as many better choices as I can. Balancing with my activity level, it's working out. I'm getting there, trying to eat more veggies and fruits and less candy and junk, as ever. Water levels are up, and I generally eat my exercise calories because that shit makes me hungry! I feel good.

One interesting shift in thinking that just happened this past week was the realization that the way I eat affects how my running goes. I mean, this is pretty much a no brainer, but I really noticed the yuck effects of, say, eating a bunch of junk the day before a 3 mile run this past week. (Incidentally, I did well on my Saturday 3 mile group run, but it felt like my body was made of lead the whole time.) That experience really turned the light bulb in my head on and so now I am not only trying to eat more healthfully to lose weight and be, well... more healthy... I am also realizing that I am eating to fuel my workouts and that my diet can make a big difference in my performance. I feel like this will help make my choices easier, i.e. a bowl of ice cream vs. a bowl of strawberries?

Not to say that ice cream no longer has a place in my life. It does, but maybe in a smaller bowl and maybe not every day.

Tonight after work is the last group run of the current No Boundaries session. So sad! But, it also means that I will have the graduation race on Sunday to look forward to, and another NoBo session starting on June 21st. I can't wait! But what will I do between the race and the next session, you wonder?

I picked Jeff Galloway's 10K training plan to follow, or at least the first six weeks of it. That will bring me up to a 5 mile distance (!!!), so building lots more endurance and strength in preparation for my second round of NoBo. Technically, I'd probably be ready for 2.0, but I guess I want to see how much my performance will improve doing the same program over.

So yeah, overall? I'd say things are definitely headed in the right direction. I'm feeling good.

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