Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back on Track

I showed a wee loss this morning: 320.8. Can't seem to break the 320 barrier again! Maybe tomorrow.

It's obvious that tracking my food really is key to my success here. It's easy to do and there is no reason why I should take a break from it, even if I am on vacation. I'll say it again, too, that blogging almost daily has really, really helped me stay accountable and focused. See, computers are good for something!

Today I see myself in the garden until it rains (if it does), and then some housework? I hate to admit it, but we've really let the house go the past few weeks. This morning I did a cursory wash of the bathroom sink and toilet, and that was good. A wee dusting, some sweeping, tidying up the kitchen, maybe a vacuum upstairs... wouldn't take much effort to do, and would be some exercise if I exert myself enough. Two birds with one stone.

I'm pretty excited for the rest of month and where I may find myself by the time July rolls around. Presumably I'll be firmly ensconced in the 310s...

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