Thursday, June 25, 2009

Erasing Time

I'm absolutely doubly thrilled this morning!

First, I did Week 6, Day 1 of C25K and did just great. My average pace was my best so far, 17:06—better than my last best run last week, and way better than I ever did during last year's sequence. I know I have said it before, but I am so proud of how far I have come fitness-wise in less than two months. Who would have thunk it?

Second, I hopped on the scale not expecting much, when to my surprise: A breakthrough! 316.8 today. Just awesome. I am just .2 pounds away from the 20 pound mark since I started on May 1st.

Yesterday I didn't eat particularly well. I did OK during the day, but come dinner time, while I didn't binge or anything, I just ate a lot of crap. We had spaghetti with a very, very meaty sauce (not my favorite), and I probably overdid it a bit on the garlic bread because I was feeling so bad all day. Plus, we ate on the late side because when I got home from work (slightly early, but I hung in there longer than I originally thought I would), I slept for two hours! I was just totally spent. So yeah, definitely some comfort eating going on, even before dinner—while cooking I popped a couple leftover biscuits from the day before (with butter) and some of those totally addicting, shouldn't have 'em in the house Wheat Thins Artisinal crackers (Vermont cheddar flavor). I just felt compelled. All that, topped off with an ice cream sundae for dessert. WTF!

So you can imagine how even more yucky I felt after all that. Later in the evening—it was about 8:30pm at this point— I decided that I wanted to get at least a little physical activity in to perk me up a bit, so I went outside and spent about an hour digging in the dirt and planting some new plants I got last weekend. I worked until dark and worked up a nice sweat. Very sweaty, in fact. Which goes to show that even when you make poor choices in one area of your day, doesn't mean that you can't make up for it in another way. I definitely felt that I accomplished that. I made myself feel better both mentally and physically.

And what about the title of my post today? Well, with the loss I showed today I have effectively erased the last six months of my life, weight-wise. All the gains I saw between early January and May? Gone, totally. The next sixteens pounds or so will take me back to October 2008. Time travel is fun! I am just so glad that I have been able to nip that whole "I lost 50 pounds only to gain it all back plus some" in the bud. Not only can I look at my loss now as twenty pounds since May, but I can also look at it as having lost 33.2 pounds since January 2008. Either way, I win.


  1. I was thinking just the other day that one thing I really like about my body is that it responds really quickly to any exercise. It immediately starts building endurance and new muscles, as if it just has perfect faith in me that I'm going to keep going with the exercise. It doesn't pout around and make me wait on it even though I'd been neglecting it up until then. :) Sounds like your body is the same way. :)

  2. Also -- Congrats on the time travel!! *grin*

  3. Thank you for the inspiring note on my blog. You are so right. And congratulations on losing the gains, that's huge! My favorite line from today's blog, "even when you make poor choices in one area of your day, doesn't mean that you can't make up for it in another way." So true.

  4. Yeah, I like that whole travelling back in time thing too! Right now I'm back about 20 years ;)

    Congrats on the breakthrough, and really well done on the running!