Friday, June 26, 2009

Wegmans, you done me wrong.

Hm. I've done some things right today, some things wrong.

(I just want to say how glad I am that it is Friday, by the way!)

Had my usual breakfast, drinking water, had lunch. *brakes squealing*

Oh, lunch. I need to start planning you and bringing you into work. You just don't fit into my plans when I have to go out and get you.

I had the bright idea of going to Wegmans (the best grocery store chain in the region) to take advantage of their awesome lunch take-out bar. They've got all kinds of stuff, from hot dishes (Chinese and Indian cuisines), sushi, cold salads of all kinds, plus the sub and pizza counters, plus the whole grocery store. I ended up buying way too much food and also spending too much money. Double whammy, it's got to stop!

I opted for some Indian food, a chicken dish and a veggie dish that were pretty good choices, plus a wee bit of a chicken dish that wasn't such a good choice (it had cream in the sauce), a little lemon rice, some roasted green beans, and two very small pieces of naan bread. It turned out to be 1.5 pounds of food! Hm, didn't seem like it as I was loading it into the container. They obviously need smaller containers.

I bought it anyway, and at the register they have, very strategically placed, the most delicious-looking cookies. They are decadent and they are not cheap. What do you think I did? Yep, that's right. I bought one.

At my desk, I ate everything, not even fully enjoying it because I felt rather anxious eating it in the first place (too much, too expensive).

I still have so far to go in getting this down pat. I still have so many issues to deal with and hopefully someday fix. It's so frustrating that I insist on repeating stupid behavior like this. Learn it, already! Dammit!

The good news is that I logged everything the best I could. I don't have a lot to work with for dinner, but I will try really hard not to continue the overdoing it into the rest of the day. I deserve better than that.