Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zut alors!

Ah well, up another two pounds today but was kind of expecting it. Not because I ate badly yesterday (I didn't), but just was feeling heavy, you know? I'm still in the middle of TOM, so I am sure that doesn't help matters. So, back into the 320s, which is disappointing, but I am sure to be back into the 310s in no time. Such is the human body.

I had planned to do Week 4 Day 3 of C25K this morning, but in light of my impending trip away to New Hampshire tomorrow, C. wanted to spend a little time together, so I stayed in instead. I don't feel great about that, but I have to not only nurture my relationship with my body, but also with my loved ones. We'd both been a little cranky lately and bickering quite a lot, so some quiet talking and snuggling was much-needed, especially before being apart for a while!

At least I have some yard work in our evening plans, so that'll be something. (Hoping it doesn't rain!) And I am actually considering taking a walk/run break during my eight hour drive tomorrow! We'll see how it goes and whether I find a nice park or something to do that in.

So yeah. Slightly stressful times. As much as I am looking forward to some travel and seeing my dad, it's always tough to get things together to make the trip happen, and to say goodbyes (sounds pathetic, I know!). I'll be relieved once I am out on the road, and of course, once I arrive at my destination.

Hm. Sounds like there is a metaphor to be had in there somewhere...


  1. Oh, man, no updates from NH. Ok..we'll just be patient and wait til u return. Maybe near your bday?

  2. Sorry about the bounce up on the scale - I can relate, since the same thing happens to me around TOM.

    Hope your trip to NH is going well, and that you're able to fit in some C25K training while you're there. I finally got started with it myself, and you were right about not being afraid to run at a higher weight . . . so far so good!

  3. Hey, let me be the first to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!"

    Hope it is a great day, and the scale is kind.