Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Couple Quick Things

A gorgeous fall morning along the Devil's Hole–Whirlpool trail. 

Just checking in after a busy but also lazy weekend. I have things to share!

1. I had a great weigh-in on Saturday after a nice 3.3 hilly miles of walking with a few three-minute running intervals sprinkled in; No Boundaries met up at Chestnut Ridge Park, which is famous for its rolling hills.

Down to 265. I can hardly believe it, especially after that crazy gain at mid-week. Trust the process.

2. Weight held at 265 this morning. I decided to go for a long walk at home, something I haven't done in a while. I initially was thinking, well, maybe a 5K distance, maybe even 4 miles... and then I got caught up in the idea of finally nailing the 10K distance. I walked most of it, but figure I probably gently ran about 1.5 miles of it. I walked over to Devil's Hole park and followed the trail to Whirlpool National Park, which is a veritable treasure that I feel so lucky to live within easy walking distance of.

It was really the perfect weekend, weather-wise, for these activities. Here it is the beginning of November and we've been enjoying temperatures that are relatively balmy. This weekend cooled down just enough to make these walks really enjoyable.

After my epic walk I raked leaves for about a half hour. The rest of the day I pretty much loafed – yesterday, too. I loafed and my eating was pretty poor. Today I had a little bit of a secret eating/binge episode that really upset me. It helped to share it with my partner, who made me feel better about it. What happened? I will tell you. It's nothing new, something I have done before that's pretty dumb. Sometimes when I go to the grocery store, I have a weird craving for donuts from the store's bakery, and I get two and eat them in the car.

I mean, I know it's nothing earth-shattering, but it always feels shitty. It felt shitty today.

I enjoyed them, but the shame of doing it made me feel awful afterward.

But anyway, I am OK now and ready to get back to the program with enthusiasm tomorrow.

I'm hoping to get a really good night's sleep tonight, something I didn't get in over the weekend.

How are you doing?

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