Friday, November 13, 2015

Running Crazy

The whole lot of us on a stop to Friends of the Night People to donate canned goods for the homeless.
That's Amy F., me, and Emily in the front row all in black. 

I couldn't have ended the day yesterday on a better note.

If you recall, in the morning I weighed myself and it was not so warm and fuzzy. But, at the same time the gain I had was so crazy I didn't have much room to feel upset about it.

After work, though, I went on the Taco Trot that Fleet Feet organized as part of the Pub Run series they do. The run started and ended at Cantina Loco, and awesome Mexican restaurant in the Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo, near downtown.

I was kind of feeling yucky as I sludged downstairs to the bathroom to change into my superhero outfit (aka running gear). I didn't really feel like going, to tell the truth – especially because the weather had really taken a turn for the miserable with very high winds and rain. But my pal Amy F. convinced me that it would be a character builder, and as soon as those words were laid down, I was in. Challenge accepted.

I had decided to try to see how much I could run comfortably. The past few outings I've had I've done some run/walk intervals and those felt OK. I have been dying to know how much of my running fitness I lost or kept. So I ran. And I ran. I lost sight of everyone else because that's usually how it is. But I kept going, stepping through puddles and almost being blown over (literally!) countless times. I never checked my pace during the run because I wanted to just focus on how things felt and not worry about that. I was curious, though, because it was feeling good! I felt strong the whole time! I was barely out of breath!

When I arrived back at the restaurant, I was very pleased to see that my average pace was a respectable 15:38. I really couldn't believe it. SO PUMPED! I could still run.

Me with the foggy, wet glasses, Amy F. and Pat, post-run!

I also discovered that I really quite enjoy running in adverse weather – must be a bit of an adrenaline junkie and a little crazy. I like the idea of doing something that most people would not choose to. But I also find it hard to resist the chance to run with my wonderful friends, even if we're not running right together. Once we were all back at Cantina Loco, we enjoyed drinks and food and the best conversation. It saved a day that started out on the lowest note and ended it on the absolute highest.

Remember, the scale is absolutely NOT the best or only indicator of progress. Not by any means.

The rewards were great – drinks and delicious food with amazing friends. Angela, Amy F., me, and Emily!

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