Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Did it!

Weight: 326.0
Total pounds lost: 1.4

Hooray! I was so glad to see the numbers on the scale this morning, I have to admit it. I did pretty snazzy yesterday all around, drank 100 oz. of water as planned, and came under my calorie allotment by 100 or so. Not to mention, holy COW does it feel so much better to be eating this way again. I feel so much more in control (thus happier, not despondent), not to mention, erm... less gassy, if you must know. Before, I was eating so much crap that it was really manifesting itself in nasty ways. Just two days of eating "clean", as I like to call it, has made a big difference. I'm switched on again, I can totally feel it. I really, really hope it lasts.

I still have not started exercising again yet, which I must do. The daylight savings thing messed me up a bit and I'm finding it more difficult to wake up in the morning, for one. I'm wondering about shifting my active time to the evening, but I don't know. It'll get itself worked out, but I do need to start soon. I want to start soon!

Today, so far so good once again. My first little goal is to make it into the 2nd week, mainly because the last time I started up again (back in January), it didn't last beyond the first week. I see that as my first big hurdle, and I am dedicated to making it.