Thursday, March 12, 2009

Q: Am I disappointed?

A: Yes, I am disappointed.

I'm back up to 327 today, despite a good, clean day yesterday. Honest!

Though discouraged, I know that it is a hazard of weighing every day, these fluctuations. Which is why I am signed up at Physics Diet to chart them, and focus on the averages and trends instead of the hard numbers. Still, it is hard to swallow when you're doing everything right and not seeing the results you'd like.

Such as it is. And I say, onward! My solution to a morning like that is to wear very comfortable clothes so that I at least don't feel like a sausage. I remain ever diligent and eager to soldier on. And, as I said yesterday, it really feels good to eat in a more healthful way. For some reason, it really bolsters my confidence whether I see results on the scale or not. And that's always nice!

From here on out, just FYI, I will post my weigh-ins only on Mondays. I log my daily numbers elsewhere, no need for it here. If you're curious, you can look at my Physics Diet public profile. Right now, it looks pretty wonky because it extrapolated my data from last year and my skipped months, but that will be remedied in the next week once I get enough new data in.

Ah, data. Makes life bearable.


  1. I was just looking at Physics Diet today. I need to give it a read through, because I don't really understand it. Sounds like a useful tool, though.

    I weigh myself everyday, but I only count my weekly weigh in (at weight watchers). So many things affect our day to day weight.

  2. You have a great attitude toward the inevitable fluctuations - they are annoying and frustrating, but feeling better each day is the real reward, and the scale will follow.

    I do the same thing you do - I weigh daily (and record it in FitDay PC), but I only enter the "official" Sunday numbers on my blog.

    Here's hoping your hard work shows up on the scale on Monday!