Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Maintenance, again.

First day of maintenance, and all is well... I think. :)

So, yesterday I had a picture perfect eating day, totally according to plan. What happened on the scale?

Nothing. I stayed the same at 307.8 (after gaining a pound from being mad about staying the same at 306.6 for three days).

This leads me to believe that this little plateau might be because of a couple things: One, hormones as I started a new pack of BC pills this week, and two, maybe that my body is like, "Sheesh! I've already lost nine pounds in five days! What more do you want from me?" I can hardly blame her.

So, I am happy at 41 pounds lost heading into maintenance. That's 41 pounds lost since January 15! Wow.

Today I sat at the lunch table with some colleagues at the college and one said, "You look different!" He usually sees me at least once a week, so I thought it was funny. I replied, "Well, I've lost some weight..." He said that he could really see it in my face, and that I look good. I thought that was so nice. I don't get a lot of overt comments about my weight loss so I assume that it's not that noticeable. I need to hear stuff like this once in a while, you know?

I had a great day overall. I didn't get to eat anything until about 3pm, though, due to my busy schedule and lack of preparation. Not to mention, I am broke (or worse) until Friday. When I did eat, I only had a few minutes, so I munched on some wasabi almonds, and had an Icelandic-style yogurt (Siggi's; it was different than what I am used to) supplemented with some fresh blackberries. Then I was out the door again.

When I got home later, I wanted to make a batch of chili to tide us over the next couple days, so I did. Some corn muffins, too, mainly for my partner, though I did sample one small one (it was good!). I had about a cup of chili, which was also delicious though not exactly in accordance with this part of maintenance. The beans in it are starch, no two ways about it; at least they are good starch, though, and again — I had a small amount during a day where I didn't eat much anyway.

I'm actually really full, too!

Haven't yet gone for another walk. The weather is still cheeky and I was just too busy today. I cannot WAIT for the next one, though, really! C25K, here I come.

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  1. You're doing so well. How long does this phase last? I'm not sure how this diet of your works. x