Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Links I Love #8

Yes, please. Beer (or daiquiris, or champagne, or margaritas, or whatever) on the beach.

It's been heating up a little bit, but this morning felt like October, as one co-worker said. Still, I am in the mood for beaches and ice cream and libations and lots of free time (sadly, I never get enough). This week's links are less focused on fitness and weight loss, and more on general stuff I am interested in. Life is about balance, yes?

Dealing with the summer's heat and humidity has been challenging, especially after starting to run in sub-zero temps, but this article has made me feel a lot better about my slower pace the past couple weeks.

And now for something different: I am an avid reader. (When I have time.) Holding this list here to refer to at my leisure in the future. Oh, and then I found this one, too! Jackpot!

One woman's take on the Kondo decluttering craze. I still want to read that book!

I just love peeking into other people's homes – especially such stylish ones!

I want to make ice cream... here, here, and here!


Unfortunately so far this week I am back up all the weight I lost last week. I suppose it is not too surprising going by my history – big losses followed by pesky gains, then more small losses – but it sure is frustrating, especially since I am SO CLOSE to that 100 pounds lost mark. I am dying to get there and beyond (like sub-270) just so that I can be comfortably situated in the mid-200s (240-270) once and for all.

I know I will get there, there is no doubt about there, but I admit it – I'm getting antsy. There is no good reason why I should be back up on the scale (honest!), so I'm not going to worry about it too much, but still. Argh, dumb body! Why are you doing weird things and toying with my emotions so much?

Who knows, it's also been known to drop as much overnight, too. Saturday will tell for sure, at least for this week...

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