Monday, July 27, 2015

Tennis Me Part Deux + Body Love

So, tonight for the first time ever, I wore... a TENNIS SKIRT! It's the Core 15" Flare Skirt by Fila, who makes them up to size XXL, which is what I am wearing. Hooray Fila! My boyfriend asked me how it felt to wear, and honestly, it was almost like wearing pajamas. Super comfortable. I'm also wearing, in case you haven't noticed, a bright pink No Boundaries technical shirt, with the motto "Running Changes Everything". Because it does. It really does. I mean, I don't know when I have ever worn bright pink, red, and orange all at once. My pal Lara would be proud.

Tennis skirt! The most obnoxious outfit I've ever worn... and that is saying a lot.
Pink? Red? Orange? Yes, please.

This was the first time in years and years, literally, that I walked around outside the house (well, even inside, to tell the truth), with bare legs. Even when I went to the beach with my dad and stepmom last summer, I wore a long skirt.

It felt amazing. I didn't even care how I looked. Initially we had been planning to stop at a corner store for some milk on the way home, and I debated bringing along pants to put on for that. Then, I came back in defense of myself: "F that, it's summer! Why shouldn't I wear a tennis skirt out in public?" I mean, not that I would just wear a tennis skirt to go grocery shopping, but if I am out playing tennis and have to stop somewhere else, well, why not? 

These photos are still a little hard for me to look at and share, but it's something I need to do so that I can be most comfortable in my skin as I move along in my journey to wherever. I want to embrace the fullness of my midsection and wobble of my thighs and arms, and I want to pick out all the good that my body already is (and was, and will be). I am grateful that my body has been strong enough to get me through the challenges of the past year without injury – I know that this is nothing to take for granted, especially for someone of my size. 

Listen to what my good old body did this past Saturday!

I ran FOUR MILES, completely and totally, without stopping, without walking, and even up the Twirly Bridge both ways and that vicious little incline preceding it on the way back. (It's OK that you likely don't know what I am talking about – just know that the TB is murder in two directions, and it has been getting easier with time.)

But seriously, four miles. Whatever, right?. And it's on the schedule again for this Saturday, and then the week after? Try FIVE miles. 

Seriously, my body is pretty incredible. I'm assuming that if I can run four miles, I can also run five miles. 

I love you, body. 


  1. You look great! Your body looks totally fine, you deserve to walk around in bare legs as much as anyone and everyone else.
    Totally believe in appreciating the body for everything it does for us - easy to forget that, so it's good to remind ourselves. Great job!

  2. Thanks so much for reading and responding, Wendy! Indeed, indeed. It's hard to get around sometimes, but it's really important for me to get to that point of total appreciation. Not to mention that I feel really bad for having abused my body for so many years with yo-yo dieting, compulsive eating, starvation, laxatives, etc. (The latter two during my teenage years, mainly.)

  3. Bare and share! Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. Oh my gosh, Mirna!!! You are my hero! Thanks for the comment – I am having an awesome time baring it for sure. :)

  4. I think you look great, and that is in all honesty. There is just something about not caring, and having some sort of confidence (even if faked!!!!) that improves a persons appearance and I can see it in you. Good job, woman.

    1. Wow, thank you Erica. I really appreciate it. It's amazing what an attitude adjustment can do!