Tuesday, July 1, 2014

And then she...

What I am reading lately: Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes

What I did last night: Lydia Lunch spectator, oh my god!

What I am doing after work: Picking up my farm share

What I am feeling today: Pretty good stuff – five days off for the long holiday weekend

What I have planned for the week: A studio sale!, gardening, walking, visiting my mom, painting, drinking good beer


I need to catch up with y'all. I've had a most excellent past week or so and have just been living life and enjoying myself. Sticking with my program, yes, though I think a bit of drinking and coming off my period have resulted in a very slight weight gain for the time being, i.e. 355 vs. 353. Almost twenty pounds lost – but dudes, that's not the main thing here. I'm looking at the whole, not the parts. Though sometimes it does behoove me to look at the parts rather than the whole (like when I think about how much weight I'd like to lose – in that case, the parts are better than the whole... ten pounds at a time vs. 200 pounds).

Are you with me?

I feel like I've had some life-changing experiences lately.

This was me last night. Double chin and all, and you know what? F--- it.

Freaking happy, people! That was REAL.

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