Friday, May 15, 2009

Drum Roll, Please! (Official Weekly Weigh)

Weight: 327.2
Weight loss since last week: 2.8 pounds
Total Weight loss: 9.4 pounds

So, I wasn't bowled over by this morning's weigh-in, but at least I am down .2 since yesterday! Ha ha. No, but seriously. I lost almost three pounds this week and almost ten since I re-booted! Not too shabby at all. Sometimes you really have to view the bigger picture, and in that sense I can't complain at all. So I won't.

I had a good day yesterday all around. I drank TONS of water (16 glasses or 128 oz.), and ate just under 2,000 calories. Hm, you know, I am kind of wondering: Is it possible to drink TOO much water? I do feel a little bloated, which may explain why I haven't been losing so readily this week. That's not to say that I haven't been visiting the ladies' room every hour on the hour...

Anyway. I think tonight I will spend a little more time in the garden (but not so much that I kill myself like last time), and then tomorrow I am back on track with Week 2 of C25K—I can't wait to see how I do! I also have a gym date for Sunday morning with my workout partner, and will continue with my routine into next week.

I'd also like to set a goal for my next weekly weigh-in: I want to get below 325. This is totally doable, and I fully expect to achieve it! I am so looking forward to that day—I am taking off to have an extra-long holiday weekend. Fun!

Catching Up
Hey! I almost forgot to tell you. On my last walk/run on Wednesday, I saw the woman who had talked to me the time before that. This time, I went over and introduced myself and chatted briefly. She told me that she and her husband would be eating breakfast and always see me out there, plugging along and think how great it was. Aw! That just made me feel so good. To think all this time I figured all the neighbors were having a good snicker on my account.

I had also meant to tell you about something else that happened, like a mental thing, that really surprised me a few days ago. I can't recall the specific incident now, but I know it was something to do with my perception of what something "good" to eat would be, and I shocked myself realizing that the idea of having take out food or some sort of junk just totally did not appeal to me at all. I LOVE that I am not craving crap food anymore. It is such a liberating feeling!

I need to tell myself over and over, as an affirmation: This way of life feels good. You are taking care of your body and your soul. You are empowering yourself to do good things.

I want this feeling to last forever.


  1. I definitely think it is possible to drink too much water (like those crazy marathoners who sometimes die from it? or just that one guy?), but I think a good rule of thumb to follow is drink when you're thirsty. If you're thirsty for that water, drink it! I've definitely drunk so much water it feels like my stomach bloats a bit.

    I think your re-boot progress is great! Congratulations! Even if one day's effort doesn't necessarily reward you the next morning, the trend is always helpful.

  2. I think you're doing an awesome job with your reboot! (And I also think it's possible to drink too much water...are you drinking it because you're actually thirsty? that might point to a problem you might get checked out.)

  3. It's wonderful that you are so enthusiastic. Set up routines now that will carry you through the odd rainy day and you'll get there for sure...although in a way you are already there! You are positive, feelin good..where else do you want to be? x