Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yep, my eyes just about literally popped out of my head this morning when I stepped on the scale (and yes, once again, flinching in advance of actually seeing the number)—imagine my surprise when I saw that I am down yet another two pounds! At 321 pounds, I haven't been this light since January. In fact, it was my last "starting point". Back then I lost about five pounds but it didn't stick... I barely stuck with it for a week, in fact. So I am extra proud that I have been doing so well this time around. It's not quite a month now and I am down over 15 pounds, which is just phenomenal (and certainly an anomaly—but wouldn't it be great if every month was like that?).

Anyway, I am also happy to say that I finally got my a$$ out of bed (begrudgingly, of course, I had to have an inner argument with myself. You should have heard it!) and got out for C25K again. First time doing any formal exercise since Saturday, in fact, but at least I got lots of manual labor in the form of gardening and yard work in. Not a bad excuse, I don't think. Yep, and it went really well! I'm a little off schedule now, but since I had a few days' break, I'll just finish up Week 3 tomorrow, and start Week 4 as I would have on Saturday. Should be OK.

I'm still going very slow, but I'm really trying hard to keep focused on just getting it done at this point and work on speed as I lose more weight and become more fit and capable. Intellectually, I know that it is just fine to go slow, even as slow as I do, but I still can't shake that nagging in my head about feeling like a loser because of it, to an extent. So, I just have to keep reminding myself that right now, I am getting my body ready for the "real" stuff. I wonder what I will be able to do by the end of next month, when I will be almost finished with C25K, or by the end of the summer? My plan, as it was in the past, is to keep working on distance, build up to being able to do a 5K distance comfortably. By the way: Yes, technically the idea behind C25K is to be able to run 5K at the end of the program, and last time I was able to, but a) it took me an hour to finish and b) it was still quite a push for me to do it. So my first major running goal is to run a comfortable 2 miles, which shouldn't be too far away since right now I usually cover about 1.5 miles. By the end of the summer I want to do the comfortable 3 miles.

Dinner yesterday was foiled—no stir fry for me! Turns out C. forgot that I wanted to have it, and marinated the chicken in preparation for baked BBQ instead. So, I ended up having a BBQed boneless skinless chicken breast, baked french fries (hand cut russet potatoes tossed in some good olive oil, sea salt, and crushed pepper), and some sauteed spicy green beans (fresh beans cut in thirds, with minced onion, garlic, and jalapeno peppers—YUM!). 'Twas a very nice meal indeed, fairly typical for us.

Also, as a before-dinner wee snack I had just a few of those new Wheat Thins Artisan crackers, the Vermont cheddar flavor. Very good, slightly dangerous. For dessert, I had a serving of that awesome Turkey Hill Mango ice. More than satisfying!


Perhaps I should tell you that over the weekend, I had a couple glasses of diet soda. It was OK, just OK. I almost decided to have some with dinner last night, but thought better of it, that maybe if I started making a habit of it, it might send me down the beginnings of a slippery slope. Maybe not, but... just sayin'! I was certainly glad that my sips didn't seem to trigger any cravings, which I have to admit I was concerned about. Maybe a glass here and there is OK (like anything else), but just not two liters a day! Ha ha. I'm figuring this stuff out.

Hope you have a great day!


  1. I like that! A little here, a little there. It's key! To not overinduldge. :D Sounds like your well on your way getting closer to your running goal and congrats, also, on the weight loss this week! :D

  2. Congrats on the loss!

    I know different people react differently to the diet soda . . . I used to drink a LOT of it also, but gave it up a few years ago except for an occasional glass when I'm out in lieu of a cocktail.

  3. Congrats on a little scale glory!

    Good for you for recognizing your gardening activities as they good exercise they are! the idea is to get up and get moving! Kudos to you!

  4. You are doing great! Congrats on your loss.

  5. Congratulations on another 2 lbs gone! You are doing really well :)