Friday, May 29, 2009

New Birthday Goal

I decided to make a new birthday goal, since I am just about there on the one I made initially (320 pounds). It's a week and a half away, and while I think 315 does sound a little much, I will set the goal there anyway. Shoot high, right?

However, I will not be disappointed with any number that starts with 31.


  1. You're right! It's great to set a "stretch goal", but it's also important to give yourself credit for doing the right things. If those right things result in meeting the goal, great! But if the scale is being temperamental, you're still making progress! Kudos!

  2. Hi. I have just read all your posts up to now and it's so good to see that you have got a grip on losing weight.

    I was wondering how you are getting on with drinking water rather than soda. I'm struggling a bit to drink water because I've been drinking too much coffee again.

    Congratulations on setting a goal. I know this is hard to do but somehow we need to give ourselves something definite to aim for.

    You are really doing well.