Friday, September 17, 2010

Easily Irritable

(The title of this post, by the way, is a nod to someone I consider to be a good friend in the online world, in addition to my state of mind.)

Day 8 of 56. I am indeed very irritable, mostly from getting my period, I'm sure. Nothing can seem to bring a smile to my face today, and it is certainly one of those days when it feels like nothing but some good old comfort food would really do the trick, you know? But it's not happening, no sir. I have no intention of going outside the parameters, so to speak. I admit, it is definitely harder on a day like today, but I feel fully dedicated to trying out this different way of eating and seeing how it affects me. I can't fully make that judgement if I go off it every few days, so for now and the remaining of the eight weeks, I'm in.

This morning I had my blood drawn for the tests my doctor requested. It'll be interesting to see what differences they'll be, if any, from now until the next time I have them done. I'm crossing my fingers that diabetes won't have to be part of that discussion in November. My gut tells me no, but adult onset diabetes is present on both sides of my family, so you just never know.

I am still wondering exactly what my doctor's aim for this whole thing is. To be honest with you, it's been bugging me. I've been doing research, but it hasn't really helped me to clarify what this is for, or why. Or for the specific limitations. Since he didn't say anything about no beans or cheese, I'm thinking that I might indulge in those things, even though they seem "wrong" to me. *sigh* I guess I am over thinking it. Doc told me all I had to do was follow his directive and let him carry the rest. I need to just shut up and do that.

This stuff isn't always easy, but I tell you -- getting to the really good stuff never is, is it?


  1. I think it is cool and also interesting that he DIDN'T provide an enormous amount of things on and off-limits list. Not that it is a small list, clearly many items are affected, but it's not like you are surviving on cabbage soup and pineapple. I think he really wants it to seem like something you can live with.

    Seems like your brain is trying to think of all the diets you've ever been on, and off-limit foods and such. I don't know that he even wants it to come across as a big, special diet, just cutting out some things, kwim? But I think when WL and fitness is the goal, you can't help but think about all the foods that might aid or hinder that goal. So, yeah, try to relax and not overthink, and enjoy your walks!
    With a pat on your back, Chrissy

  2. Oh goodness, irritable days are the WORST. They are always my downfall too. I think once WE get through them a couple times, it will just get easier. Step by step!

    It is very interesting to know what your doctor has planned.... but I think beans would be okay, wouldn't they? I've never heard anything *bad* about beans, they seem like a good source of protein!