Wednesday, December 2, 2015


That is a smile of relief, plus wearing yet another new striped shirt!

Ah... that's more like it!

I just squeaked back into the 260s today, weighing in at 269. Phew!

May I never see the 270s ever again. Ever.

To be honest, I wouldn't say that I had the best eating day ever yesterday to warrant a three-pound loss, but it wasn't bad. Plus, I got a lot of good exercise in after work. Tuesday means No Boundaries and mentoring for the WalkFit program, but lately I've been taking advantage of the little bit of free time I have after work and before NoBo to go on short runs on my own. I am working on building my endurance again and sticking with 1-2 miles generally. I was very pleased with my effort last night, where I ended up going 1.7 miles at a 15:22 average pace (felt faster, though!).

Then, we ended up going another 2.85 miles walking at a 18-ish clip – so that gave me almost five miles' and 75 minutes' worth of activity! It felt great... until this morning. My knee is pretty tender and the rest of me is really feeling it; a stark reminder that I really need to dial it back a little bit. It seems to me that keeping a total workout to under 3 miles is a good idea for now. Well, NoBo only has a few more meetings left for the session so I won't have to worry about that much longer, but...

Note to self: BE CAREFUL already!

It would be stupid to exacerbate my condition when I've worked so hard to help it.


Today I've been trying to be careful with my eating and logged the day, more or less, in advance. I brought in lunch, a homemade turkey chili using the last of the turkey leftovers – freshly made last night, even! I've also got some of the Thanksgiving green bean casserole left that I didn't realize until today! I guess I am pushing the freshness factor at this point, but those beans are too good to let go to waste! Nom nom.

Some movie-going plans we had for tonight have been postponed to the weekend, so I don't have to worry about fitting in some theatre popcorn tonight... which means I have to rethink dinner. I'll probably keep it very simple and make something out of what we have at home, maybe some black bean dish. I need to up the protein for the day!

Ah, it's so good to be back into the normal routine again... I am really looking forward to making some new progress!

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