Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday was mostly a bust, but I got on the scale this morning anyway. Must be some weird hormonal stuff going on, because I saw an almost two pound loss, down to 325.8. And that was after a day in which I ate like four cupcakes and, *ahem* ice cream. Not a great showing at all, but I am in a good mindset for this so I think it will be OK. As long as I take some step each day to get me to my goals, I will be happy.

What may have helped my case yesterday was that after dinner, instead of promptly plopping into my recliner for an evening of television, I decided to deep clean the bedroom, which has been a total sty now for longer than I'd like to admit. I swept and dusted, and finally went through the pile of stuff that has been accumulating next to the dresser and behind the door. Seeing that every day always made me feel crappy, so it made a HUGE difference to see it all gone, stored away or thrown out. I even washed a "new" comforter that we inherited from my aunt and uncle to replace the ratty one we've been using for way too long, AND washed out the cat's litter boxes and cleaned up their area. On top of that, I did a load of laundry, so by the time I finished I was super sweaty. I'm telling you, housework is the best exercise—plus you get things that need to be done taken care of!

Today has gone pretty well so far. I had a PB&J sandwich for breakfast, and brought some black beans with me to have for lunch. I've been drinking my water, too. I'm not sure what we are having for dinner; it may involve take-out of some kind but I promise that I will try hard to make decent choices.

I just want to get back under 320 again, for now. I'm doing it.

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  1. I love that cleaning is like secret exercise. I used the same mind frame this weekend when I painted the living room.

    Hey, I was sore the next day, so it counts!