Sunday, February 8, 2015

Always Balance

I made good on my promise to head back to the gym again today for yoga and Couch to 5K. The yoga class was being subbed in by the Goodfellas yoga instructor, Salvatore, who totally reminds me of a character from that film – in a good way. He's an older gent who also happens to be a long-time yoga practitioner and triathlete (30 years of triathlons!) with the physique to match – slender and muscular, what looks like a very efficient slab of flesh and muscle. He's down to earth with a blue collar sort of way of talking ("make sure to spread them fingers!") and teaches yoga with a more athletic approach, which I like, yet he is also clearly into the spiritual aspect of it as well. It's a neat mixture that makes the class really challenging and interesting.

He also does this little whistle kind of thing with his teeth to signal a change of position. It cracks me up. And he wears these cool yoga pants that are poofy – I suppose ultimately what would be considered genie or harem pants. Sal is the best. Unfortunately, he only teaches two mornings a week and one time is a weekday that I can't make and the other is Saturday, which will conflict with the 5K training I'm starting next week. Alas.

That was the first time I've done yoga two days in a row, and I needed an afternoon nap both days. Phew! Super hard work. I tell you what, though – I would love to make time for yoga every day if I could. (Maybe I can with some home practice mixed in, and some free videos by a high school classmate that seem really great.) Baby steps for now, though, I've been trying to get two yoga classes in each week.

C25K went great, just fine! As I mentioned yesterday it was 5 minute jogging intervals with 3 minute walking intervals for a total of 30+ minutes. I won't lie, after the hour's worth of yoga those jogging intervals weren't necessarily easy, but they were totally doable. Next session the ante is upped with 8 minute jogging and 5 minute walking intervals – but I tell you what, I know I can do it. The real test will be on W5D3, when it's a straight 20 minute jog. I guess then I will find out whether I can run a mile or not! (Spoiler alert: I will.) Perfect timing for next Sunday, when my first meeting of the 5K training program at my local Fleet Feet store begins!

All of this and my eating has just been so-so. Yesterday and today I met my calorie requirements, but I've been eating more junk food – the aforementioned Cheetos and things. I'm trying not to beat myself up over it and espousing the What You Can, When You Can mentality as much as possible. This week, quite frankly, that's what I did – what I could, when I could. PMS demanded Cheetos and orange chocolate sponge candy and pizza, and I ate it and I enjoyed it. I also made efforts to get moving more and more. Balance. I will never be perfect. I'm doing what I can. It's all I can do.

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