Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Getting Strong

You know, I think that I am finally at peace with the slight turn my journey has taken with not being able to run while I work on getting stronger.

This past week one of my WalkFit guys, Brandon, and I were talking about our respective injuries. He is bummed not to be running as well, but he had a really great perspective on it. It's one I inherently know, but just couldn't quite handle until he put it into words. For me, so many times something really strikes me only after someone else says it out loud to me. So he was talking about how what we're doing in PT is making us stronger and that we have to let our bodies heal so that we don't get really hurt in the future. Something about his delivery really hit it home for me.

Then, this morning's PT appointment was also a breakthrough. First of all, enough has been added on that I am getting a real workout doing all the exercises I've been assigned, finishing the work totally sweaty and feeling that muscle thing you feel when you've really pushed it – but not too far. I've had more exercises added on to my routine this week that are really kicking my butt and really making me feel that "getting stronger" feeling. Now Becky's got me doing squats with a resistance band and upping the ante on my side planks by making me use the resistance band and opening my legs a la clamshells – HOLY CRAP. That stuff is hard, but super effective.

We also talked about personal training and she recommended an office whose focus is like an extension of PT – the approach is more like that. That sounds really good to me, and while I really enjoyed my session with the trainer yesterday, I think I'd like to go with a program like what she told me about, which is called TrainSmart. She also would prefer that I finish up my PT in order to get me to a higher level of strength before I do personal training again, so... since my original plan was to wait until the new year anyway, that works perfectly. Our discussion gave me even more confidence and focus in what I have been doing and want to do.

Weight-wise, I'm hanging out at 273, which is fine with me for now. I feel like I have set a good foundation for the next phase recovering from that one terrible week I had, lost the weight I had gained and now moving on from there. I think that if I keep up the good practices I've been (mostly) employing since then, I should show another loss at official Fleet Feet weigh-in on Saturday.

Eating-wise I think the best thing that has happened since meeting with Mindy the dietician is that I am trying to be really careful to include a decent amount of protein at every meal, especially breakfast (since the other meals are pretty easy for me to do that). For example, I ended up having a pretty big breakfast (over 700 cals!), but it was pretty well balanced, too. I was starving after PT and hadn't eaten since late afternoon yesterday. It shaped up thusly:

• an empire apple
• 2 tbsp natural peanut butter
• an everything bagel with 2 tbsp cream cheese
• hot chocolate packet (Nestle Rich Chocolate, 80 cals)
• green tea
• water

Here's what all that looked like in the breakdown of nutrition.

I'm happy that it ended up being 22g of protein and 10g of fiber! The fat level is on the high side, but that's OK. I actually ate the apple and PB when I first arrived at work, and had the bagel and cream cheese about an hour after that. Hey, it's free bagel day at work! I never pass that up.

So anyway, I am feeling very positive lately about most things, but especially what I have been doing for my body. I can just about feel those muscles building and getting stronger. It's super cool.

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